Diplomatic Sales Program

Audi Diplomatic Sales Program Belarus

Welcome to the world of unlimited opportunities as we introduce our Diplomatic Sales Program.

Audi has been at service of diplomatic community for many years which allowed us to create our own approach to that special group of clients. At the same time Audi has earned excellent reputation among government agencies and international bodies, thanks to highest quality of our products and wide range of available services.

Audi provides transportation for official political, social and cultural events on the regular basis. Some of them are: EU and World Economic Summits, NATO Summits, OSCE conferences, Kiel Regatta, the Salzburg Festival and the Cannes Film Festival and many others.

First Audi vehicle was officially sold in Belarus back in 1993. That was the start of the success story, supported by immense sales growth. Success achieved by the team of professionals. Success that implies the real leadership proven by the loyalty and trust of our numerous clients.

Today Audi is a first choice for Belarusian business, political and diplomatic elite. It is the brand for leaders, for those who shape the future.

Style, quality and performance of Audi vehicles as well as our flexibility in customer relations provided through Diplomatic Sales Program are distinguishing features that are well-known by many diplomatic missions and international organizations present in Republic of Belarus.

Feel free to browse through our website or to contact us to get more information about Audi Diplomatic Sales Program.

Benefits & Advantages

Diplomatic Sales Program
Benefits & Advantages

Once you decide to purchase new car you need a reliable partner. With our extensive experience in diplomatic sales Audi can become one for you. We will provide you with our comprehensive approach:

  • Special prices for customers under Diplomatic Sales Program
  • Cars in various specifications to meet your future location requirements
  • Personal manager at your service
  • 2 year Audi worldwide warranty
  • Convenient test-drives

Be ready to encounter premium level of standard equipment in most of Audi cars, which also includes some of our state-of-the-art technologies:

  • quattro® permanent all-wheel-drive provides high levels of active safety and improved traction on virtually all surfaces
  • multitronic® provides smooth and powerful acceleration resulting in a high level of driving comfort. Low weight of the transmission reduce fuel consumption
  • The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) helps make the vehicle easier to control in handling situations close to the limit. It incorporates the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) and the Traction control (ASR).
  • Sideguard® head-protection airbags cover the side window area
  • FSI® Direct Injection technology increases the torque and power of spark-ignition engines, making them as much as 15 percent more economical and reducing exhaust emissions
  • TDI® clean diesel engines deliver exceptional power and performance while maintain low level of fuel consumption and emissions
  • Aluminum body built on Audi Space Frame principle (ASF®) provides exceptional stiffness and above-average crash protection which means greater safety, increased performance, improved handling, lower fuel consumption, and ease of repair
  • Audi adaptive air suspension is an electronically controlled air suspension system at all four wheels with a continuously adaptive damping system. It unites sporty handling with a high level of ride comfort. In addition, the air suspension allows for speed-dependent lowering of the body

Adaptation for Belarusian road conditions

Special terms and conditions

We are committed to providing best terms of purchase to our diplomatic customers who can benefit from special prices free of customs duties and VAT according to international standards.

Audi Diplomatic Sales Program preserves all the privileges of our clients as it was created in accordance with basic international agreements and conventions:

  • Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, 1961.
  • Vienna Convention on consular relations, 1963.
  • UN convention on the privileges and immunities of the specialized agencies, 1947.
  • Further agreements between Belarus and various international organizations.

Use & needs

Diplomatic Sales Program
The way you need it

For private use

… if you came to Belarus for the first time,
… if you have a car and want replace it with a new one,
… if you got a promotion and need a new car suitable for your new position,
… if you have a big family and look for some spacious state wagon,
… if you are looking for a second car for your family,
… if you are going to take next placing or preparing for home destination,
… than our Diplomatic Sales Program is right for you.

For private needs of eligible customers we offer full Audi model range in any required configuration, suitable for use either in Belarus or in the next country of residence.

For official needs

We are proud to serve our customers among diplomatic community in Republic of Belarus such as Embassies of Germany, Turkey, Hungary, China, Japan, Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order, Slovakia; as well as UN Office, UNDP, Economic Court of the CIS, Delegation of EU Сomission and many others.

Benefit from Audi worldwide reputation as one of the leading premium car makers. Let us take care of your official automotive needs. We will help you with purchase and replacement of vehicles for your fleet and provide regular maintenance.


Diplomatic Sales Program

The day you purchase your Audi, you don’t just buy a car. You become part of a legacy that is characterized by innovation and beauty, prestige and quality. You begin a relationship founded on mutual respect that progresses into the bonds we form with you through our valuable services and after sales customer care.

Audi 2 year worldwide warranty

Every vehicle is covered by Audi 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, 3-year paintwork warranty and 12-year anti-corrosion warranty that is effective worldwide.


We have no hidden charges

Our billing system is transparent. All charges will be displayed on the bill.


Personalized service

All work on your car is carried out by dedicated Audi service personnel available for personal consultation.


We will always ask for your permission to carry out extra work

Any extra work will be conducted only after your approval.